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Recently I have been helping Stuart Stirling out with his new list building site 30 Minute List.

I have personally used it and I am helping out with support and things.

I think it is a great addition to your list building arsenal and advise you to open an account and take action asap.

Any squeeze pages you create or download from Traffics Cool can be added to 30 Minute List and any of the bundles here can be used as gifts if you have the relevant membership.

Free members have limited benefits but don’t let that put you off. Sign up at 30 Minute List and take your time to go through the training videos to see how to do things before you raise a support ticket. That part is important as it will mean I don’t have to grit my teeth when I am sending you instructions how to log in. 🙂

If you can afford to take an upgrade it will be well worth your while as benefits and commissions increase the higher your level of membership.

DISCLAIMER: It is like anything else I tell you about on this site or in my emails or indeed anytime I get on my soapbox. IF YOU DO NOTHING, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!

Once you join and get past the trauma of logging in – believe me, some find it difficult – any other help you need will be courteously offered.

At 30 Minute List you can use the system to build your list by referring other members. Your first 4 referrals whilst remaining your referrals go to your sponsors list. The same thing happens to your referrals. They send you their first 4 sign ups to your list.

I hope that makes sense. Basically you can build your list up to 5 times quicker using 30 Minute List than you can using conventional methods.

Getting referrals will give you the chance to earn commissions but also throughout the system you can add advertising for your squeeze pages and other offers you have on the go.

Don’t rush in. Take your time to go through the set up and let me know if you need any help at all.


6 Responses to “30 Minute List”

  • Yes, I am a founding member at 30MinuiteList and it is one of the easiest and best program I have joined! Highly recommend it for list building!!

    • DaveW

      Hi Theresa,
      hanks for confirming my sentiments but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who join up and don’t take the time to watch the training videos before submitting a support ticket.

      My hair is fast becoming an endangered species!

  • Shirley Everingham

    I am afraid I do not have a list, and have no members whatsoever, could you tell me where to start to get some,
    Thnk you,

    • DaveW

      Hi Shirley,
      Did you get my email last week about 30 Minute List?

      You use 30 Minute List as part of your arsenal in building a list. To be able to capture email addresses you need the service of an email service provider like Aweber.
      Do you have an autoresponder?

      Unfortunately an autoresponder is a basic requirement for anyone who wants to build a list.

  • Shirley Everingham

    No I do not have a responder, nor at present do I have a website, all the things I have been trying are no good.

    • DaveW

      Hi Shirley,
      Maybe you have been trying too many things and not concentrated on one?
      It happens to a lot of people. We are all guilty of searching for the golden nugget.

      Unfortunately it doesn’t exist!

      Making money online is not easy and it takes careful planning and investment.

      My advice to anyone who keeps buying things hoping to find a push button to overnight
      riches is….. Don’t!

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