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Giving free memberships away is a great way to get people to join and as site owner you can make your members offers for upgrades and any special offers you wish to sell.

As a member you get great things to use yourself and also if there is an affiliate program you can earn money by just giving the free membership away.

Of course at this point I think it only fair to remind you that you can make money by being an affiliate right here at Traffics Cool. 🙂

Hopefully, you will appreciate the amount of content you receive when you join and that should filter through to your referrals. Join as an affiliate at

If you are not a member of Traffics Cool, you can join for free at and receive Traffic and List Building resources for your trouble.

I love membership sites and recently I bought a script which came with 5 ready made sites. They do take some setting up and when complete I will list them here for you to help you with your list building efforts and also with your money making.

You can never have enough income streams!

The script I purchased allows you to build your own membership site and that is what I am working on at the moment. It is called Ethical Marketer and when it is complete it is going to have massive amounts of content and anyone who becomes an Elite Member will have the most and also earn 80% commissions instead of the usual 50%.

You can join for free today if you like at It is fully functional but as I said it is a work in progress and you might stumble on a page that doesn’t make much sense.

Here are the ones that I bought ready made. You can use these with confidence and they will help you with your list building.

Full Force Copywriting – Is a site which offers members a free report which makes sense of copywriting and an upsell to a more in depth course.

The Hidden Follow Up Strategy – Offers a free report on sign up and like FFC offers members an upsell to a more in depth course.

If the member doesn’t take the upsell, they can purchase the product (at an higher price) inside their members dashboard. You as affiliate earn commissions on any of your referrals purchases.

All the above sites have an inbuilt Downline Builder and it is this function which will put your downline and list building into overdrive.

If you have been struggling to get things to work for you it could be that you are stretching yourself too far and wide and believe me, I know how easy that can be.

It is time to focus on one strategy and master it before adding another one to your portfolio.

Try this campaign for 30 days and by the end of the 30 days it should be a virtually hands free system.

  1. Join up for free at 30 Minute List.
  2. Join up for free at Viral Builder.
  3. Join for free at Ethical Marketer (beware of rapid changes).
  4. Join for free at Full Force Copywriting.
  5. Join for free at The Hidden Follow Up Strategy.
  6. Set up all your accounts ensuring that your PayPal address is correct.
  7. Follow the process in the Downline Builder at my new membership sites.
  8. Download and update my adapted spreadsheet to help with your efforts. It is an Excel spreadsheet but will open using Calc from Open Office which is free to use.
  9. Give away memberships to all/any of the sites.
  10. Sit back and enjoy!

Obviously I can’t offer any guarantees to how successful you will become by using this system because I don’t know if you will take action. I will say that if you follow this system wholeheartedly for 30 days and you haven’t made any money or increased your list size then we will get together on Skype and go through exactly what went wrong.

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