Product Creation

Once you have a website and a squeeze page up and running you might be thinking about creating your own product.

Being an affiliate is OK but you are always selling other peoples stuff. Having your own product online gives you another string to your bow.

You can have your own product in the marketplace within a couple of hours by using PLR material. Bear in mind that it won’t be exclusively yours and other people are likely doing the same. If you do go down this route try to find some fresh stuff.

Another way to do it, is by taking existing PLR and rewriting the content, having new squeeze and sales pages made and giving it a new name. This method in my opinion would be the best option but the more costly.

Once you have your own product, you will obviously want to sell it!

You can simply add a buy now button linked to your PayPal account and your new product is officially for sale. Doing it this way though means that you are on your own. It is much better if you have other people selling it for you. There are a number of affiliate programs out there and the most popular one is Clickbank.

I released my first product on Clickbank and they have a great system to ensure that everything in the marketplace meets their standards. Your product has to be approved by a real person. They also charge a fee for submission and then a percentage of your sales are also taken out.

There are other programs where you can submit your product to for for free and recently I have started to use JV Zoo. They don’t charge for product submission but they do charge a percentage on each sale. They also have a lot of recently added features to make the vendors life a little easier. Things like an upsell funnel where you can select any of your products as an upsell or a downsell. You can make the upsell process quite deep but I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Recently JV Zoo have put a limit on the sale price of products. If you want to sell something for more than $50 you have to have it approved.

What is most attractive about these affiliate programs is that other people can sell your products for you. On Clickbank everything is taken care of for you, but with JV Zoo you have to be a little wary who you accept as an affiliate.

I won’t go into detail about the problems JV Zoo had with dodgy affiliates but suffice to say, if the affiliate isn’t known to you personally, only accept them for delayed payments and make the delayed period to end after your guarantee has expired.


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